Welcome to Wilmington, we’ll take it from here…

Let’s face it. We’re living the dream. Not only do we locals play in this Port City paradise—we get to call it home. As the heirlooms begin to flourish, so do the wide-eyed visitors. Being the coastal native that you are, it’s your job to show these tourists and travelers a good time. This can be an overwhelming task, but have no fear, Cape Fear—we’ve mapped out the itineraries for you. Since I don’t want you accidentally sending your in-laws to a bull riding contest, we’ve split up each group of guests and created a trip for every taste.


You’ve just received the mass text. Your pals with professional palates are hungry and headed for Wilmington. The secret for tourist dining is “ask a local”—and you’re the lucky winner. These epicureans are itching to eat and counting on you to answer the age old question of “where’s the beef?” They’ll probably also need something to wash it down with. How to satisfy their appetites with foodie flare? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Drop the Bags & Grab a Bite

There are couch crashers, guest bedroom grazers, and some who prefer the privacy of their own quarters. If you’re graced with guests who don’t inflate their air mattress in your living room, send them to The Front Street Inn. This relaxing bed and breakfast features eclectic modern rooms, a full buffet, and nourishing luxuries like in-house brewed coffee, scrumptious signature quiches, and homemade granola. frontstreetinn.com

One Sandwich Short of a Picnic



If your friends are anything like mine, they arrive at their destination craving something between bread and something resembling booze. Treat them to a gourmet lunch at Wayfarer Delicatessen, where the piled-high sandwiches are made from scratch and the craft beer flows like the river. Don’t blink when you walk by—this charming café is wedged into Front Street like the hidden gem that it is. wayfarerdeli.com

Local Tip
For a change of scenery, head down toThe Forum where your friends can exploreTaste the Olive—an epicurean paradisethat houses infused oils and vinegars,boutique wines, artisan cheese, andlocally made spices.tastetheolive.com


Top Chef

Your not-so-foodie friends might be cool with takeout pizza, but the gourmet gurus are looking for a dining experience. Either feast at Catch for Chef Keith Rhodes spin on modern seafood cuisine or grab your crew and head back downtown to Rhodes’s other hotspot Phun Seafood Bar. catchwilmington.com | phunrestaurant.com


Shopping on the Edge

Walk off those carbs with a quick jaunt around the corner to Edge of Urge. Along the way, share the unspoken secret that tourists are prohibited from leaving without purchasing a Freaker—also known as a “bottle coozie.” This funky shop carries an extensive variety of these quirky drink insulators and of course, tons of hip local apparel. edgeofurge.com

Excuse me, sir, may I have another?



Satellite Bar and Lounge is the place for brews, beards, and bands. With zero televisions in sight, this hangout boasts a relaxed, dog-friendly atmosphere where everyone is literally your neighbor. The indie vibe will convince your friends you’ve just walked into a barn. In Colorado. Enjoy your last sip of the night surrounded by friendly hipsters on the back patio. satellitebarandlounge.com

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