Upgrading Your Work Space with Hattan Home

Even if your home is accessorized to the tee, it’s easy to overlook some of the most functional items. This holds especially true in an office. With cabinets and drawers to stash things out of plain sight, that sand-filled tape dispenser that’s been with you since undergrad has been pulling overtime and it shows. But you deserve pretty things, so it’s high time to let those old office supplies retire and put a little glitz and glamour into your workflow. 

Desk Shopping Guide

Here are a few of Lindsey’s picks for a more stylish desk

1) Sugar Paper Kraft To Do List, $14

Make a list and check it twice!  Perfect for daily tasks and supermarket trips but much cuter than your average to do!

2) Gold Scissors, $20

Ever hear your momma say, ” Buy it right the first time and you’ll only buy it once!”.  She was taking about pieces like these desk scissors.  Beautiful enough to leave in plain view in your workspace.  These guys have a wonderful weight to them and a shine like no other!

3) Sugar Paper LA Scallop Notes $20

Write more! Everyone loves getting mail!  Stock up on simple stationary and be ready to send someone a little when due!

4) Neon Le Pens, $2

Meet your new favorite pen and our current bestseller!  Le Pens are ultra fine tipped and make everyone’s handwriting look beautiful!  Color coordinate your appointments or pick a signature hue! 

5) Rifle Paper Desktop Spiral Planner, $34

This academic calendar agenda starts this month and features month at a glance as well as plenty of space to keep track of daily appointments.  This baby is durable enough to throw in your purse everyday but pretty enough to keep on your desk.

6) Lulie Wallace Curiosity Candle, $20

Just in for fall!  These easy, fresh, and cheap tin candles will have you excited to get to work!  Just a little something to brighten up your work space and help you set an intention for your work day.

 Shop all products in store at Hattan Home 21 N. Front Street, Wilmington, NC or online at www.HattanHome.com