SouthHaus Garden Party Glam Guide

SouthHaus Garden PartyI had the absolute best time with Focus on the Coast this past weekend at the Garden Party. Patrick (the hubs) and I have lived in Wilmington about five years now and had never actually been to the day fete. As a member of the press, we weren’t allowed to get pictures inside the party’s walls, but I wanted to share the absolutely fantastic team that helped me get ready for the Garden Party.

SouthHaus Garden Party


I started out the day with the owner of Beauty Bar BoutiqueHannah, to get a braided Style Bar ‘do. It looked fantastic, was quick to create and I got SO MANY compliments on the cool braid. It reminds me of the ever-popular fishtail braid, but was more secure for the days activities. You can pick from the four different Style Bar options to fit your look. It’s perfect for a wedding party or guest. The Style Bar at Beauty Bar Boutique offers a menu that changes each season of hair styles that are currently popular or even reaching to the next season’s looks. Style bar is a 15 minute, dry hair service that costs only $20.

SouthHaus Garden PartyTheo Milo Photography

The entire hair was done in 15 minutes, and it looked absolutely perfect with my embroidered Tusc Boutique dress. The braided textures of the embroidery mimicked the style of my hair and showcased the insane pleats and details of the back of the shift. Bright blue and flattering for literally every frame, this dress can go to a concert, date night or wedding easily. Shop Tusc online or in person in downtown Wilmington.

SouthHaus Garden PartyStyle Team from left to right: Michal Lauren MUA, Abigail Spach, Hannah Lynne

My look was topped off with a perfect replica of my inspiration makeup look by Michal Cheshire. Not only is she an industry vet…swimsuit modeling for years (!)… but she is a super sweet and talented makeup artist. She knows what to do to make you look flawless in photos! The eyes were my favorite part of the look with perfect eye shadow blending and authentically faux lashes to boot. Every year the Azalea Festival gets bigger and better. Patrick and I had such a great time, we are so looking forward to next years Garden Party!