Empowerment & Positivity: Perfectly Pinned Up Comes to Wilmington

written by Becky Starkey | photos c/o of Perfectly Pinned Up

Next weekend marks the 13th anniversary of Rims on the River, an event in downtown Wilmington that features classic cars, local entertainment, and community partners, but this year event organizers are kicking it up a notch. In partnership with non-profit Operation Pretty Things and BrittanyJean of Perfectly Pinned Up, this year will host the first Perfect Pinup Wilmington contest.

BrittanyJean, founder of the blog Perfectly Pinned Up, was the mastermind behind this year’s collaboration.

“Last year I attended my first Rims on the River, and I loved it! I had dreamt of bringing my online contest to life, so I pitched my idea to them over Facebook and the rest is history. They have truly been wonderful to work with, and I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

When BrittanyJean started her blog, Perfectly Pinned Up, at the end of 2015, it was simple project meant to inject some positivity into her life. With the time to devote to posting regularly, she began writing, but quickly found herself itching to dig deeper and bring positivity to other women.

“I thought, let’s take it one step further, because if I’m seen some awful situations, I am certain other ladies have as well. Let’s spread that positivity and love. Let’s start a monthly contest that promotes and celebrates women from all over the world.”

With that, the Perfect Pinup contest was born. Women from all over began submitting their personal Pinup photos to the blogs’ Facebook page for a chance to be the featured cover model and share their love of vintage dress with fellow Pinups. Now for anyone who isn’t familiar with the Pinup movement, on the surface it’s all about celebrating the vintage look. From red lipstick to bandannas to yes, classic cars, those who embrace the Pinup lifestyle shoot for a specific style, but BrittanyJean insists that there’s more to it than just the aesthetics.


April 2017 Perfect Pinup Emily Katz

“If you dig deep enough, there truly is a culture here…It’s not just about curling hair and wearing cute skirts, but also about embracing your fellow vintage-loving friends and celebrating life as if it was the 1950s all over again.”

During that time period in our country, the Pinup became a “popular symbol of hope and strength,” says BrittanyJean. “It gave people fighting overseas a visual reminder of home, something to fight for. And at home, women were taking over men’s jobs. Rosie the Riveter posters helped inspire women to join the workforce and help in any way they could. It wasn’t just a few people making an effort, but an entire country brought together as one whole community to accomplish a goal.”

Just as the vintage Pinup girl served as symbol of optimism and inspiration in the past, BrittanyJean believes that the modern day Pinup has a similar commitment to community, which is why she was passionate about partnering with Operation Pretty Things, a non-profit dedicated to empowering domestic violence victims and raising awareness about abuse.

“As someone who has a past with an abusive ex, one of the most incredible feelings once you get out of that relationship is rediscovering just what makes you beautiful, inside and out. Operation Pretty Things assists with that, and there are many many women it the Pinup culture who also empower other women, who uplift and support each other. I just think that this partnership is a perfect blend. I am so thrilled to be helping out this wonderful organization.”

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the contest, now is the time to act! Only 10 ladies will be selected to participate in the contest. This year’s contest theme is TIKI so it’s important to dress accordingly. For those concerned about family friendly matters, no bathing suits or lingerie is permitted and outfits are pre-approved.

To vote for your favorite PinUp contestant, get down to Rims on the River next weekend. Each $1 ticket you buy from the PinUp booths will go directly to Operation Pretty Things.

For more information, visit Rims on the River and Perfectly Pinned Up.