Designer Adored: Eliza Grey Interiors

Although it’s true that a room consists of several walls, a floor, and a ceiling, it can be so much more. A room can invoke feelings of joy, induce relaxation, and act as a time portal, transporting one through memories. A well designed room does all that and more while looking good, which is why we wanted to consult some of our favorite designers in town on their favorite rooms. So far, we’ve received an assortment and it’s been such fun to peruse rooms that are so different, but each one beautiful in its own way. For our first installation, Liz Carpenter of Eliza Grey Interiors talks to us about her favorite dining room. 

Why do you love this room?

This dining room is my favorite room that I have designed because it is so bold. Because this room was designed for eating and drinking with friends and family I wanted the space to be exciting and invigorating, formal, but still comfortable and inviting.

What is your favorite element of the room?

My favorite element of this room is the wallpaper. It is both bold and classic. You can’t go wrong there! The room will make a beautiful statement for years to come without looking trendy.


What was the most challenging part of the design?

The most challenging part of this design was using dark wood, which was the client’s request, but still giving them the youthful, stylish look that was so suiting to them. I think it worked out.


How would you describe the aesthetic of Eliza Grey Interiors?

The aesthetic of Eliza Grey Interiors is bold and livable. I love pattern and texture and mixing and layering. I certainly gravitate toward traditional elements, but I like to use colors and natural textures to keep things fresh and current. And things always have to be practical. A living room is no good if you aren’t allowed to put your feet up. 


What would you to someone who thinks that working with a designer is cost prohibitive?

I have spoken with so many people who have bought furniture quickly out of a desire to “just finish the room.” Those people often end up replacing it (or, at least, regretting it) a few years later because the size was wrong or the quality was poor. Hopefully the advice you will get will save you from buying twice. Designers can often offer great pricing on high end goods. A great designer will listen to your cost concerns and advise you on what pieces to spend on and what pieces to save on. 


Favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job has to be the relationships I form with my clients. Building and redecorating can be big stressors in my clients’ lives. It makes me really happy to be able to say, “I’ve got this, you can go back to focusing on your life and your family.” When I am creating a space with someone else in mind, I grow to really care about those people.