Designer Adored Special Edition: Eagle Point’s Clubhouse Makeover Hits the Sweet Spot

written by Becky Starkey | photography provided by Katie Campbell, KC Creative

The Wells Fargo Championship, in Wilmington for the first time ever, began earlier this week. Top PGA players from all over the world are now in the Port City to take part in one of the sport’s premier tournaments, held at the prestigious Eagle Point Golf Club. The members only club, located in Porters Neck, began various preparations for the championship last year, which included sprucing up the interior to reflect a “championship look.” Bridgett Mazer, owner of Bridgett Mazer Interiors, was the ideal choice for the large-scale renovation. 


“It’s been a privilege to lead the clubhouse transformation for one of North Carolina’s best golf courses,” Bridgett says. “We strived to create an elegant, but comfortable design which blends nicely with the architecture. The fresh, new design is timeless and something the members will enjoy for years to come.”

Bridgett worked to bring the beauty of the golf course and its natural surroundings into the clubhouse by creating a light and airy feel grounded with traditional touches.

“We incorporated classic fabrics and textures, and chose a color palate of Celadon green, blues and neutrals,” commented Bridgett. “The clubhouse is traditional, so we choose classic lines for the furniture.”


In addition to completely overhauling the locker rooms and clubhouse, Bridgett also designed Eagle Point’s newest building, which houses a fitness center, common area, and six guest suites. From idea to conception, Bridgett had a hand in it all, but when asked what her favorite part of the project was, she insisted it was her co-workers that made every day a joy.

“The people of Eagle Point were fabulous to work with. Many have design backgrounds and great taste, so it was easy to get on the same page fast.”


Bridgett’s love for interiors started early, claiming that instead of traditional gifts, she always asked for furniture. 

“Not the ordinary for a little girl,” she said. “I begged my parents to paint and rearrange my room all the time and my mother has a great sense of style.”

20170428_171853 copy
After all her hard work, we had to ask Bridgett if she was hitting up the links for some R&R. 

“There’s still a lot of work to do, but I golf occasionally. I used to go to golf camps and play with my father. He would be so proud of this project. He passed in 2010 from cancer, and I know he is looking down so happy for me.”

living room

Bridgett will continue to work on the redesign for the cottages after the Wells Fargo Championship is over, but for now, she’s just happy that Wilmington is getting the attention it deserves. 

“Wilmington is one of the best places in the world, and I feel like the Wells Fargo PGA will feel the same way. This is wonderful for Wilmington and all of our local businesses. I feel like Wilmington and Eagle Point have one thing in common…They are both hidden gems.”

If you’d like to learn more about Bridgett Mazer Interiors, please visit her website at and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram. A full schedule of the Wells Fargo Championship and corresponding events can be found on their website  and if you just want to bask in the beauty of Bridgett’s designs and play golf forever, check out all that Eagle Point has to offer.