Designer Adored: Lynn Leake of Luxe Home Interiors

Each month, Focus on the Coast is talking to a local interior designer to learn more about his or her favorite room in our new series: Designer Adored. This month we had the pleasure to connect with Lynn Leake of Luxe Home Interiors. Dedicated to creating beautiful, comfortable rooms, Lynn believes in throwing the rules out the window and doing what works for you. For her favorite room, she chose an open concept living and dining room she helped to design for Bill Clark Legacy Homes. 

What is your favorite element of the room?

I enjoy a room that is soft and comfortable.  If the fabrics are inviting and the cushions are plush everyone feels more at ease and at home, including the guests.

Lux collage

What was the most challenging part of the design?

For homeowners who are furnishing a new home, the greatest challenge can be scale. A lot of folks that we deal with at LUXE are moving from a conventional floor plan to a newer and completely open concept. Without walls and with taller ceilings, you can be left without a grounding element, meaning you have to create your own. The furniture pieces need to be the appropriate height and size for the space, and then they need to relate to each other in a sensible way.


How would you describe the aesthetic of LUXE?

We do have a “look” that our clients can count on. We are constantly on the search at Market and in all the home decorating magazines for color trends and new fabrics. Every season the manufacturers and color trend specialists determine what we as consumers and designers are craving and they try to give it to us. Our goal is to always be on trend and up to date.


Favorite part of your job?

My job has many parts that are rewarding and exciting. Everyday I get to meet very interesting people who have interesting rooms that always have a complicating  element. No room is without its challenges and that is what makes the job fun, both the people and their spaces that are just waiting to become both beautiful and comfortable.

To learn more about Luxe Home Interiors and their products and services, visit their website. To see our first installation of Designer Adored with Eliza Grey Interiors, click here