Farmhouse Industrial Inspired Bathroom Renovation

When you move into a new house, it’s easy to get lost in Pinterest daydreams, but making them come true requires time and effort. When Dana Laymon, local photographer and owner of Wilmington Weddings and Events, finally decided it was time to tackle her family’s bathroom, there were lessons to be learned and walls to knock down. In the end, and we think you’ll agree, the sweat effort was well worth it.

 dana 11

What was your inspiration for the bathroom renovation?

Dana: “I love Joanna Gaines style from Fixer Upper as well as Jenna Sue Design (her bathroom reno is all over Pinterest). I also found pictures on Pinterest that I liked and used bit and pieces of ideas from them. I like farmhouse style mixed with industrial so that’s what I tried to do. We moved into this house in the fall and it’s the first room we updated when we moved it so I really wanted it to reflect the feel of what the rest of the house will be like. 

Dana 1

What bothered you the most about the before?

Dana: “The bathroom before was very small. If you were a tall person and you sat down on the toilet, your knees would hit the wall in front of you (and we have a lot of tall people in our family!). And it was also very outdated.”

dana 4

What was the most challenging part of the renovation?

Dana: “Thinking outside the box! We were originally going to keep the two original doors and have 2 entry points into the bathroom. But because the way they swung into the room, it only left room for a pedestal sink, which i was not thrilled about. Then Michael’s dad, who helped with the renovation, asked why we don’t close up one of the doorways and be able to get a larger vanity (and more storage!). It was such a simple idea but hard to think about when you’re in the thick of it! I love that we have more room and a larger vanity now! And no one would ever care that that door was even there.And not necessarily for me, but I know that it must have been hard working on this project after a long day of work for my husband. There were a lot of late night trips to Lowe’s and doing things like laying tile but I’m so grateful for his hard work!”

dana 18

What was the biggest lesson you learned?

To know your design details beforehand. I was not prepared for how fast the project went (thanks to Michael and his dad being such hard workers!) and I didn’t have any design elements picked out! I thought I had time for that, after all they were still tearing down walls! I had no idea they needed to know things like how big is the mirror, was the faucet mounted to the wall or on the sink, did I want to add an air vent, how wide is the vanity…..I’m very grateful for their patience 🙂

Dana 3

What is your favorite part about the “after”?

I’ve never gutted a room and made it exactly the way I always envisioned and it just feels so good going in there and seeing your vision come to life. I don’t mind doing laundry one bit now 🙂 It’s also the bathroom clients use when they come over and I love hearing them ooooh and ahhhh over it.