InFocus Photos

Pleasure Island Seafood, Blues & Jazz Festival
Pleasure Island
October 11, 2014 | Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Center
Photography by BJ Berg

  • Sheila and Dean Embler with Sunfun Rentals of  Carolina Beach
  • Artwork by Cammeron Batanides
  • Mike Bryand signs his canvas
  • Sarah Collier with her amazing art pieces available at the festival.
  • Shemekia Copeland sings the Blues  at the Pleasure Isand Seafood, Blues and Jazz Festival
  • crowd at festival
  • Crowd enjoying music by Shemekia Copeland
  • Shemekia Copeland
  • sunset
  • Shemekia Copeland singing the Blues
  • Don and Jeanne Tilley enjoying shrimp from Flounder Seafood Shack
  • Not a festival with out kettle corrn from Firehouse Kettle Korn


W.H.A.T Picnic with a Purpose
Wilmington Health Access for Teens
October 9, 2014 | Blockade Runner Beach Resort
Photography by Angie Oakley

  • 01-infocus what picnic 117
  • 02-infocus what picnic 117
  • 03-infocus what picnic 117
  • Toni Demott, Karen Vanwagner and Barbara Wolk
  • Bo Dean, Martha James and Chris Point
  • Joy Grady, Bo Dean and Denise Szaloky
  • Colleen Pate and Linda Robinson
  • Caroline Dawkins, James and Donna McAdams
  • Eboby Williams, Smantha Dooies, Kerri Leonard and Stacy Hannah
  • Kathryn and Trot Nixon
  • Susan Ho,man and Kaia Mates
  • Carole Ellis and Kay Rowe
  • Cadie Foresta, Layla Williams and Kelly Larney
  • Rachel Wofford and Mary Evans
  • Katrin Wesner and Leigh Lane
  • Susan Volz and Jonnie Harris
  • 17-infocus what picnic 117


17th Annual Pink Ribbon Luncheon
NHRMC Foundation’s The Pink Ribbon Project
October 2, 2014 | Wilmington Convention Center
Photography by Angie Oakley

  • 01-infocus pink ribbon 117
  • 04-infocus pink ribbon 117
  • 05-infocus pink ribbon 117
  • 06-infocus pink ribbon 117
  • 07-infocus pink ribbon 117
  • Christian Miller and Marisa Young Henry
  • Mindy Turner and Kara Campbell
  • Dorthea Benton Franks and Marisa Young Henry
  • Julie Register, Melissa Turner and Paula Batts
  • Sally Daffen, Devon Plumer and Drew Draffen
  • Marisa Young Henry and Emily Young
  • Donna Honeycutt and Claudia
  • Angie Hall, Julie Adams, Sharon Brouhard and Amanda Fox
  • 28-infocus pink ribbon 117
  • Kathryn Colacchio, Beverly Edgerton and Joan Robbins
  • Paul Nicholson, Troy Cole, Matt Sadler and Jason Arnold
  • Brittney Barr, Brittney Parish, Ashley Bell, Julia Wessell and Lindsey Harkey
  • Jamie Naylor-Pugh and Jamie Thompson
  • Cheryl Powell and Shelia Rudolph
  • Robin Hackney and Player Murray
  • Sarah Whitmer, Miffi Williams and De Sulkey
  • Lindsey Harkey and Sandy Spiers
  • Diane Jackson, Stephanie Bloodworth and Cathy Keith
  • 48-infocus pink ribbon 117
  • 49-infocus pink ribbon 117
  • 50-infocus pink ribbon 117


Canines & Couture Pup Fashion Show/Strut
STOP Puppy Mills
October 2, 2014 | 199 Restaurant & Lounge
Photography by Angie Oakley

  • 02-infocus canines 117
  • 03-infocus canines 117
  • Kelly Barnes and Rhett Butler
  • Bridgett Rowley, Lindy Barnes and Nancy Joss
  • Dylan and Evan Folds
  • 11-infocus canines 117
  • 13-infocus canines 117
  • Ashley Miller
  • Janie Withers and Leo
  • 17-infocus canines 117
  • Cora Blount
  • Melisa Gallison, Joanne Fox and Valerie Ownley
  • Davis Cernugel
  • Davis Cernugel and Stella
  • Barbara Pugh, Barbie Rogers, Susan Lawrence and Pam Parish
  • Laura Francis Theovald, Caroline Theovald and Peyton Theovald
  • Peyton Theovald
  • Charlotte Wells and Archie
  • Capt. Kenneth Sarvis, Nancy Regan, Lt. Debra Biddle and Stephen Wilson
  • Natalie Davis and Tonya Wallace
  • Leslie Smith and Lucky
  • Mary Phillips and Uptown
  • 39-infocus canines 117
  • 41-infocus canines 117
  • 42-infocus canines 117
  • 43-infocus canines 117
  • 44-infocus canines 117
  • Corbett Stovall
  • Francesca Slaughter and Poppy
  • Tess Wheatly and Tiffany Taylor
  • 49-infocus canines 117
  • Wendy Hunt and Nan Gibson
  • 52-infocus canines 117
  • Sarah Carroll, Salina Lee and Jen Berg
  • 54-infocus canines 117
  • 55-infocus canines 117
  • 56-infocus canines 117
  • 57-infocus canines 117
  • 58-infocus canines 117
  • Kate Tomaselli and David Pascua

R.A Jeffrey Trade Expo
R.A. Jeffreys
September 25, 2014 | Hilton Garden Inn at Mayfaire
Photography by Angie Oakley

  • 01-infocus ra jeffrey 117
  • Martin Durham and Lovie Dokmanovich
  • Holly Abbuhl and Sydney Hebert
  • James Hailey and Eileen McDonough
  • 06-infocus ra jeffrey 117
  • Nora Lynn Finch and Katie Alley
  • April McCollum and Allison Banyer
  • Matt and Jamie May
  • Leigh Seymour and Aris Axelgard
  • Zach Boylston and Tony Ronca
  • Matt Tenhuisen
  • Mike Harris and Lindsey Lewis
  • Justin Overs and Rachel Martin
  • Jenn and Jeremy Odgen and Maggie and Brian Abel
  • 17-infocus ra jeffrey 117
  • Josh Cootware, Josh Munck and Caleb Churchwell
  • 19-infocus ra jeffrey 117
  • Dan Bunders, Brittany Levinson and Keith Todd
  • Ashley Miller and Dana Fisher
  • Drew Cox and Jason King
  • Brandon West and Brian Boyce
  • 25-infocus ra jeffrey 117
  • 26-infocus ra jeffrey 117
  • Hunter Tiblier and Laura Scott Bay
  • Jennifer Strickland, Christina Byrd, Sally Howe, Denise Kinchen, Karen Lowe and Erika Futch
  • Jeff Uzzle, Chris Gore and Matt Tenhuisen
  • 31-infocus ra jeffrey 117
  • 32-infocus ra jeffrey 117
  • 33-infocus ra jeffrey 117
  • 35-infocus ra jeffrey 117
  • Anthony and Kimberly Zent
  • 37-infocus ra jeffrey 117
  • Brandon West, Heather Dixon and Meg Norton
  • Nicole Iezzi-Blessing and Cora Stough
  • 41-infocus ra jeffrey 117
  • Neal Beard, Jacob Vancompernolle, Jack Ward
  • 44-infocus ra jeffrey 117

DermOne Open House Cocktail Party Kickoff
September 24, 2014 | DermOne
Photography by Angie Oakley

  • 28-infocus derm 117
  • 01-infocus derm 117
  • Morgan Jones, Robert Wagner and Laura Chapman
  • Alice Davis, Robert Wagner and Luz Naranjo
  • Quindara Josey and Jamie Rode
  • Christina Byrd and Karen Lowe
  • Laura Chapman, Joy Ward and Morgan Jones
  • Ashley Miller and Dana Fisher
  • Keisha Allen, Jodi Miller and Quindara Josey
  • 19-infocus derm 117
  • Eboni Murphy, Sherri Mitchell and Jamie Rode
  • Lori Scalamoni, Diana Hill and Terry Espy
  • Jeff Levitan and Jill St John
  • Jill St John and Donis Smith
  • Henry Clay and Tim Matt
  • Alice Davis and Luz Naranjo
  • 10-infocus derm 117
  • Andrew Hall, Cris Point and Judge Point
  • Kim Bebb and Kaycie Grice
  • Andrew Hall, Cris Point and Mark Kofford
  • Pat Travis and Sue Cunningham
  • Dan Burke, Debbie and Sam Armitage
  • Dominique Rhames and Tameka Small
  • Matt Long, Denise Gautsch, Chancy Funderbark and Marcy Frazier
  • 02-infocus derm 117

The Flavor of NC
Good Shepherd
September 20, 2014 | St. James Episcopal Church
Photography by Jason Armond

  • 02-infocus flavor of nc 117
  • Stephen Meinhold, Rick Knott
  • Sarah Shay, Nikki Smith
  • Allison and Walker Abney, Alisa and Chris Ward
  • Heather Braithwaite, Libby and Matthew Fox
  • Shari and Jeff Porter
  • Ben and Beth Woodruff, Frank and Berta Hamilton
  • Robin and David Helms
  • Kathleen Meyerson, Melinda Cummings
  • Dr. Ron Dye, Fern Bugg,
  • Tonya, Barbra and Leo Biba, Joe and Erin Payne
  • Tom and Helen Wolfe, Kay Ballard, Beth and Dan Fish
  • Virginia Colantuno, Ann Cameron
  • Susan Mayo, Christie Binzen, Dan Chop, Babs Welker
  • Carol Atwood, Alexandra Wnek, Katrina Knight


Legends of Tennis
The Landfall Foundation
September 19-20, 2014 | Drysdale Sports Center complex
Photography by Angie Oakley

  • Shayne and Johnny Matthews
  • Leslie and Peter Langer
  • Cassie and Brian Causey
  • William Vantrigt and Andi Matt
  • Henry Clay , Cindy Worden and Bobby Reynolds
  • Sandy Agrella, Melissa Ellisan, Kim Tushingham, Gretta Vantiem
  • Pat and Fred Naseri and Sandy Agrella
  • Marge Brightman and Deonna Caiazzn
  • Michelle Kernan, Gina Arias, and Laura Rollins
  • Marcia Stantun and Tamera Pasin
  • Jollie Russ and Erin Collins
  • Kelli and Chris Buffalino
  • Mike and Meredith Pollak
  • Blake Barefoot and Nikki Hawthorne
  • Judy and George Wesoloski
  • Cassie Causey,Lauren Isenhour, Beverly Garner, Cindy Worden, and Nikki Johnson
  • Joelle Ando, Alexis Wall and Heather Black
  • 12-infocus tennis 117
  • Chuck and Karen Root
  • 08-infocus tennis 117
  • Parker Keirn and Joan Desantis
  • 04-infocus tennis 117
  • 03-infocus tennis 117
  • 02-infocus tennis 117


5th Annual Pink Fashion Walk Gala
Pretty In Pink Foundation
September 12, 2014 | Coastline Convention Center
Photography by Angie Oakley

  • 06-infocus pretty in pink 117
  • Elaine Porter and Britt Sharenow
  • Terri Dixon and Laura Barnes
  • Debra Robinson
  • Tina Jackson and Celia Spencer
  • Cindy  Guida and Beth Bullard
  • Julie Sanders and Evan Cumalander
  • Quin Josey, Lisa Lennart, Keya Nixon, Patricia Hood and Carla Rohena
  • Kelli Buffalino and Stacy Gates
  • Debbie Shelly, Angie Smock, Jan Fuller and Mary Ann James
  • Tessa Wolfarth and Meredith Wawner
  • Robin Hosley and Ashley Robbins
  • Tony Creech and Matt Evans
  • Natawsha Vondrak and Casey Solis
  • Marissa Schmid and Kelly Britt
  • Ashley Webb, Laura Jolly and Sonia Mayes
  • 29-infocus pretty in pink 117
  • 28-infocus pretty in pink 117
  • 27-infocus pretty in pink 117
  • Bonnie Crosby and Jennifer Lathan
  • 25-infocus pretty in pink 117
  • Jennifer Spencer and Wayne Bigg
  • Ann Suttles and Caitlyn Campagna
  • Tina Marie Vucci and Logan White
  • Tracy Howard and Annette Strain
  • Amanda Austin and Meghan Bryan
  • Crystal Miller, Crystal Fussell and Amanda Irwin
  • 15-infocus pretty in pink 117
  • Jody Schaeffer and Nina Mone
  • Lisa Vohwinkel, Natalyn Bachek and Joanne Miranda
  • 11-infocus pretty in pink 117
  • Barbara DeMoore, Kimmie Durham, Judy Tattersal and Rita McLean
  • Holly Barfield and Lydia Chandler
  • Laura Chapman,  Kathy Hairr and Michelle Bruer
  • 07-infocus pretty in pink 117
Epicurean Evening
Methodist Children’s Home
September 4, 2014 | Wilmington Convention Center
Photography by Angie Oakley
Last Chance to Wear White Pants Gala 2014
Lower Cape Fear Hospice & Life Care Center.
August 29, 2014 | Coastline Conference and Event Center
Photography by Angie Oakley
August 8, 2014 | Country Club of Landfall
photography by Jason Armond
July 13, 2014 | manna
photography by  Angie Oakley
July 8, 2014 | Wrightsville Beach
photography by Jason Armond
June 21, 2014 | Banks Channel Pub & Grille
photography by Angie Oakley
June 20, 2014 | Brooklyn Arts Center
photography by BJ Berg
May 8, 2014 | Unleashed of Wilmington
photography by Angie Oakley
May 21, 2014 | Hops Supply Co.
photography by Angie Oakley
May 17, 2014 | Wilmington Convention Center
photography by BJ Berg
May 3, 2014 | Poplar Grove Plantation
photography by Jason Armond
  • Jerry and Berry Reeves
  • Kirk and Clayann Binning
  • Jill Raspet, Lindsay Tarrant, and Adrienne Moore
  • Janice McDermitt and Phyllis Davis
  • Linda and Bob Morrow
  • Beth Braunfeil, Melissa Wall, Helen Gainer, Kent Gainer
  • Jim Skiba, J Vanete Skiba, Kristin Skiba, Diane Skiba, Lindsay Philips, and Chris Philips
May 3, 2014 | Wilmington Convention Center
photography by Jason Armond
  • Patricia Davis, Janice Sandlin, Tonya Melvin, Shirley Weeden, Joyce Mitchell
  • Julia and FM Hooper Jr. - Original Montford Point Marine
  • Sheila and Jon Evans
  • Kristin Pagon and David Soltis
  • Winston Dangler and Kelly Corbett
  • Meredith and Ryan McInnis
  • Darlene Robinson, Yolada Sparrow, Terry Jones
MAY 2-4, 2014 | The Bellamy Mansion Museum
photography by Jason Armond
  • Ricky and Jennifer Williams, Leigh and Dwight Torres, Susan and Stanley Griffin
  • Emily Heath and Focus on the Coast Creative Director, David Hitchcock
  • Thad and Kyla Billings
  • Sharon Petteway and Cate Piech
  • David Koebley, Chrissy Bonney, Trey Herring, and Zak Kilson
  • Jan Peell and Richard Poole
  • Chris Tuttle and Alisa Coble
April 26, 2014 | Thalian Hall
photography by Angie Oakley
  • Kathie Wheeler and Shanna Rouser
  • Virginia Hager and Lisa Brooks
  • Jennifer Dennis and Melody Jolly
  • Michael and Patty May
  • Tony Harrington, Katherine Holtz, Amanda Holtz and Justin Sorrells
  • Jeff Church, Rich Novelli, Derrick Brown, Skip Tyson and Dan DeVido
  • Angie Vanderberg and Melissa Rice
April 25, 2014 | CFCC Schwartz Center
photography by M. Page Jones
  • Sydney Perry, Ayla Schares, Jennifer Kraner, Jo Howell, and Spencer Sowell Third Place
  • Karen Johnson, Karen Johnson Interiors
  • Hooper Patterson and Ann Schutte, Birds of a Feather
  • Tina Monk, Kendall Clary, Hertha Child and Jessica Anne Hassler
  • Sandi Dupree, Dupree Interior
  • Julie Glew, Custom Home Furniture Galleries 1st place and People’s choice Award
  • Jenny Wright, McKenzie Baker Interiors
April 25, 2014 | Country Club of Landfall
photography by Ariel Keener
  • Wendell Robinson
  • John and Amie Montieth
  • Jimmy Hopkins and Commissioner Jonathan Barfield
  • Kendall Fuqua, Lyndia Wright, and Terry Allgood
  • Tom and Trudy Huberty with Jack and Mary Barto
  • Leanne Strawn, Cristin Gizdic, and Cynthia Isyk
  • Melisa Gallison, Bob Harris, Marty Young, Joanne Fox, and Joe Gallison
April 12, 2014 | The Upper Tea Room
photography by BJ Berg
  • Quinn Stocker and Elane Honeycutt being served by James Weaver
  • Lola Frandano enjoying her cup of tea!
  • Tina Padgett, Penny Cromer (Chair), Julia Weaver, and Millie Moore
  • Danielle Rammrath and Focus on the Coast Sales and Marketing Manager, Renee Rammrath
  • Focus on the Coast Contributing Editor, Brook Dorosko and Maggie Dorosko
  • Pollyanna Likens, Joan Wazbok, Patty Pady, and Monica Nelson (Miss Castle Hayne)
  • Peggy Anderson, Caren Constable, and Jackie Turberville
Wine Women and Shoes 2014
Benefiting Make-A-Wish Eastern NC
April 3, 2014 | UNCW – Burney Center
photography by Angie Oakley
  • Leslie & Alicia MacDonald, & Natawsha Vondrak
  • Kate Lippert, Summer Springstead, Alex O’Rourke, & Barbie Rogers
  • Kristen Johnson & Dayma Edwards
  • Khristi Russell with Ginger & McKenzie Williams
  • Dr. Lenard Edralin, Janice Netherland, & Dr. Moyer
  • Marty Landau & Betsy Jordan
  • Bridget Delmese, Jessica West, & Dawn Ward
  • Elaine Walton & Justine King
18th Annual Landfall Foundation Gala (007)
March 30, 2014 | Landfall Country Club
photography by Melissa Page Jones
  • Bobby Sanguenetti, Dr. Lenard Edralin, Paul Colvin, & Fernando Aristy
  • Helen & Clay Brumbaugh
  • Dr. Stephen & Martha Edgerton
  • Gary & Sharon Chadwick
  • Ron & Marilyn Gunther
  • Rickey & Cindy Godwin
  • Melissa Ellison, Annette Clifford, Tom Clifford, & Jessica Spencer
Shop for a Cause
March 28, 2014 | Eclipse at Blue Moon Gift Shops
photography by Melissa Page Jones
  • Emily Andres & Michele Savino
  • Andrea Cumming & Rebecca Taylor
  • Colleen Black Semelka & Marty Allran
  • Tim Coderre
  • Mary Ann Masucci & Tony Vivaldi
  • Mike Fox with Rebecca & Roy Taylor
  • Lisa Lightfoot & Melanie Frank
Feast Down East’s Raise the Barn!
March 22, 2014 | Poplar Grove Plantation
photography by Jason Armond
  • Shane & Kelly Terzaken
  • Sue Ellen and Herbie Cottle
  • Elize Baldwin & John Rictley
  • Fran Scarlet & Todd McFadden
  • Stephanie & Steve Hendrickson, Betsy Knowles, Jim & Laurel Maultsby, Jim Knowles, Goldie Stetten, Pete & Brook Dorosko, Judy & Glen Watford, Michael Stetten
  • Dan & Rosemary Burke
  • Ale Travis & Brad Schaefer
WHAT Power of the Purse Fundraiser
March 20, 2014 | Landfall Country Club
photography by John Davis
  • Tracy Wilkes & Jane Davis
  • Mary Martin, Stephanie Taylor, Noel Hanselmann, Kayla Williams, Ashleigh Griffin, & Robert Ramirez
  • WHAT Board President Jack Britt & WHAT Executive Director Joy Grady
  • Krista Holland & Purse Chair Denise Szaloky
  • Connie Parker & Paula Corbett
  • Charlene Dupray, Renee Jones, Patti Briggs, & Jackie Cooley
  • Ashley Miller & Steve Schnitzler
  • Carla Turner & Panza McNeill
6th Annual Spring Fashion Preview
March 14, 2014 | Cameron Art Museum
photography by S.A.L.T. Studio Photography
  • Makeup Artist Tess Wheatley of BLUSH, Hair Stylists Emily Rodriguez, Event Founder Jess James, Steven Ward & Monica Kelly of Steven Ward Hair
  • Milliner Jan Wutkowski of aMuse with Make a Wish’s Janis Netherland
  • Jimmy Hopkins & Melisa Gallison
  • Jaime Moffett, Tom Gossin of Gloriana & Holli Kagan
  • Elizabeth Peavy Tabor, Laurel Maultsby, & Renee Rammrath of Focus
  • Chloe Gray, Caroline Castles & Lauren Lassiter of Castles Couture
  • Carol Sheffield, Bridgett Rowley, & Cindy Vach
Red Cross Gala & Auction
March 15, 2014 | UNCW Burney Center
photography by Melissa Page Jones
  • Stephanie Sarver, Candy Lanier, Brie Kelly, Kelly Marley
  • Debbie & Howell Graham
  • Reid & Gwyn Hardy
  • Jonathan Kacmarick & Andrea Murphy
  • Autum Mihm & Monica Watson
  • Commander Jeff & Linda Randall
  • Chairman Bradley & Julie Coxe
  • Dr. Ted & Andrea Spring, Georgia Nix Miller & Chancellor Gary L. Miller, Dave Sanderson
Wilmington Rotary Club Wine Festival
March 4, 2014 | Union Station
photography by Melissa Page Jones
group photo credit: Debbie Livengood Photography
  • Elios Klemo, Noah Woods, McKinnley Sherman, Sandy Bates, Lori Harris, Chairperson of the Event Stacy Ankrum, Todd Godin, Bret Paterson, Lentz Brewer, Turner Schaeffer, Hansen Matthews, Ellen Solomon, Gabe Rich, Bill Hummel and Ted Spring
  • Robert & Renee Jones
  • Steve Yates, Pat Watts and Jim Houpt
  • Melynda & Darrin Powers, Ann LaReau, Wilbur Jones and Joey Stone
  • Donna Shiro and John Hatcher
  • Cleve & Jenny Callison
Cucalorus Red Carpet Event
March 2, 2014 | Screen Gems Studios
photography by Melissa Page Jones
  • Makenzi Henderson and Daniel Seamans of WWAY
  • Representative Susi Hamilton
  • Ash McGuire and Megan Henry
  • Jon and Marty Landau
  • Board President Mr. & Mrs. Dylan Lee
  • Michele Elizabeth & Host Jess James
  • Cigarette Girl Adrienne O’Docharty
  • Allen Walker and Tamara Mercer
Cape Fear Literacy Council Gala
March 1, 2014 | Wilmington Convention Center
photography by Melissa Page Jones
  • Sonya Perry and Dawn & Rob Searles
  • Whitney Cook, Patricia Pleasants Lawler & Janet Gaino
  • Alex Mercer & Jenna Davis
  • Shannon Gentry & Tom Dorgan
  • Pam Valente & Gala Committee Member John Valente
  • Sheila Brothers from Sunny 104.5 FM & Ray Aldridge from Good Morning Carolinas on WWAY TV-3
  • Emily Heath & David Hitchcock
  • James “Clay” Boynton
NC Azalea Festival Pre-Festival Party
January 17, 2014
Hilton Wilmington Riverside
Photography by Jason Armond
  • Julie Kraus, Sabrena Collins, Ashley Trosman and Patti Riddle
  • Jennifer Horan and Stephen Meinhold
  • Shelly Moore and Cindi Holden
  • Dory Jordan, Jenni D, Laura Cecil, Alexandria Miller, Jenna Moore, Erika Ancuta and Amy Underwood
  • Haley Cowen, Casey Barth, Heather King, Shawn Good and Conner Barth
  • Molly Johnson, Melissa Fallis, Karen Morganti and Brigid Driskill
  • Debby Fitzgibbon and Danirlle Bauman
  • Liz and Robby Carroll
8th Annual Wilmington Fur Ball
December 7, 2013
Country Club of Landfall
Photography by Angie Oakley
  • Michelle Rohrer and Sloan Turner
  • Bibis and Nathan Ellison
  • Lauren Marshall and Jennifer Duncan
  • Terri Alsina and Elle Woods
  • Susan and Matt Lawson
  • Billie and Jon Bibb
  • Clare Kinlaw, Melissa Rhodes and Peyton Darnell
  • Caroline Blanton, Paula Lewis and Ginger Schoen
NHRMC Holiday Reception
December 5, 2013
Graystone Inn
Photography by Bonnie-Jean Berg
  • Ric and Teresa Maready
  • Dick Wingo, Lou Greer, Brenda Wingo and Bobby Greer
  • Tim and Cheryl Baker
  • Heather Thornton with NHRMC Foundation’s Aline Lassetter, Christian Swiers and Drea Adgent
  • NHRMC Foundation’s Aline Lasseter, Kristal McHugh, Rebecca Kalnen and Stephania Bloodworth
  • Danielle Dorantich and Justin Mitchell
  • Russell and Betsy Herring with Jack Richardson
  • Matt and Mary Laurence Sadler
Thankful Hearts Luncheon
November 14, 2013
First Baptist Church
Photography by Angie Oakley
  • Courtney Thomas and Cassie Williamson
  • Christy Aley and Jennie Barker
  • JC Skane, Kitty Yerkes and Kimberly Boyce
  • Allyson and Matt Cook with Myra Norris
  • Amy Wright, Joyce Russell and Ben Wright
  • Tony and Karen Stroud
  • Ginger and Joe Taylor
  • Rob and Turner Aycock
Party in the Pines Cape Fear Festival of Trees Grand Opening
November 22, 2013
Cameron Art Museum
Photography by Lauren Manship
  • Wilmington School of Ballet’s Sophia Noonan
  • Wilmington School of Ballet’s Lauren Powell and Clint Brooks
  • Nancy Andre, Ruth Summers and Carol Malloy
  • Nancy Donohue and Robin Vanvliet with Larry and Billie Marzullo
  • Nona Enbry, David Hartness and Tammy Covil of Irongate Partners
  • Wilmington School of Ballet’s Savanah Brooks and Emma Garner
  • Richard Larson and Isabella Hines
  • Lower Cape Fear Hospice Healing Arts Coordinator Lorraine Perry with Karen Root

CAM “Celebrate New Orleans” Closing Exhibition Celebration
November 1, 2013
Cameron Art Museum
Photography by Bonnie-Jean Berg

  • CAM Communications Manager Kim Kelly and HBO’s Treme Clarke Peters
  • Jessica Croy, HBO’s Treme Costume Designer Alonzo V. Wilson, Samuel and April Traquina
  • Tonya Smith and CAM’s Executive Chef Jessica Cabo
  • Laura Colston-Brooks and Kim Trone
  • HBO’s Treme Karen-Kaia Livers, HBO’s Treme Assistant Art Director Bill King and Heather Jones
  • Tony Rivenbark and HBO’s Treme Executive Director Anne Brennan
  • Shirley McNair and Deborrah Fairweather
  • Kathy and John Muzzey

17th Annual Child Advocacy and Parenting Place Gala
October 4, 2013
Landfall Country Club
Photography by Angie Oakley

  • Cheryl and Paul Colvin
  • Mark and Debbie Mitchell
  • Johnnie Nobling, Lisa Jeffries, Chuck and Tracy Gravely and Myra and Phil Hamilton
  • Alison Long, Kelly Batson and Jutta Batson
  • Mark Batson, Linda Wilson and Blue Hand Home’s Arnie Cullipher
  • Adam and Tina Ericson and Jennifer and Jack Ford
  • Kim Tushingham, Jessica Spencer and Noa Alper
  • Elena and Jeff Cazeault, April Pearson and Laura Wilson

Crystal Pier Christening
October 3, 2013
Photography by Angie Oakley

  • Eb and Melissa Pannkuk
  • Mike Liedberg, Bruce Knight, Kathryn Goldfaden, Amber Kaune, Joy and Lou Moshakos, Chris Stenger, Chantel Moshakos, Tyshia Torres, Sara Nicholson and Mindy Stroupe
  • Ed Godwin and Monica Watson
  • Alison Baringer, Susan Collins and Donna Cameron
  • Bill Anlyan and Dan Cameron
  • Chris Stenger, Bruce Knight and Frank Smith
  • Lou and Joy Moshakos’ Granddaughter

19th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival Closing Night Celebration
November 17, 2013
City Stage Theatre
Photography by Angie Oakley

  • Madonna Nash and Devin McGee
  • Erin Strickland and Kylie Beasley
  • Innocent, Jonathan Summit and Oliver Mellan
  • Rodney, Jamaye and Gabrielle Despaigne
  • Ian Murray and Meg Kennelly
  • Josephine Decka and Shane Simmons
  • Yvette and Carl Wade
  • Jessie Sanderford, Kristen Darnling, Michelle Witten and Lydia Hyslop

Women of Hope Diamonds and Champagne Hope Ball
November 8, 2013
Brooklyn Arts Center
Photography by Angie Oakley

  • LaVonda Howard & Timothy Mills
  • Hope Gala Committee Members Gaye Gaines, Sharon Evans, Robin Cox, Penny Millis & Elizabeth Barnes
  • Jane Burke, Ashlyn Burke & Mary Lou Yeatts
  • Caitlin Hoffman and Jenna Curry
  • Monica Baker and Mike Eakins
  • Ken & Sandy Jones
  • Shawn and Courtney Glover
  • Scott & Sharon Evans

Children’s Museum of Wilmington YachtVenture 2013
October 19, 2013
Photography by Angie Oakley

  • Matt and Cheryl Masciere
  • Nickie and David Ray
  • Paul and Cheryl Colvin, Tyrrell Aceattato and Dr. Leonard Edralin
  • Rocco and Christine Villari
  • Ron Beasley and Carol Corbett
  • Ali Valinski and Marietta Stone
  • Amy Brown-North, CMW Executive Director Rich Lawson and Michelle Peck
  • Emily and Tripp Speight